Last night was the best Dirty Boys event ever! It was a magical performance and the readings were poignant, sexy, funny, and downright filthy. Special thanks to my friends and colleagues who make it all happen: @guynewyork @mrjackstratton @daisydangerdotcom @msdarker @revtimmy and @piper_doll  #lit #spokenword #dirtyboysnyc


Last night was the best Dirty Boys event ever! It was a magical performance and the readings were poignant, sexy, funny, and downright filthy. Special thanks to my friends and colleagues who make it all happen: @guynewyork @mrjackstratton @daisydangerdotcom @msdarker @revtimmy and @piper_doll
#lit #spokenword #dirtyboysnyc

A Dirty Prompt from the Recent Dirty Boys Reading


Prior to our last Dirty Boys Reading, we took to Twitter and asked our followers to send in writing prompts to be featured at the show.  We received the photograph below from our lovely hostess, Piper.  All of our authors were charged with writing a story based on the photograph below.  Piper’s tattoo reads, “Viellir est une crime.”


Here’s what I came up with:

Arthur the Invisible

Artie circles the booths at Peep Word, looking to see if there are any new girls working.  He licks his lips as he studies the women, like a drunk eyes the bottles in a liquor store.  The girls all think he’s creepy but in fairness, Artie suffers from perpetually chapped lips.  Another condition to add to the growing decay of his body: first it was the flabby stomach, then the thinning hair and erectile dysfunction, and now chapped lips.  All in all, the outlook for Artie isn’t good.  But Peep World is all for him—a place where he is free from the job he hates; a boss that doesn’t value him; the children who ignore him; and a wife that looks right through him, as if she were already contemplating a world in which Artie doesn’t exist.  Peep World is Artie’s special treat for himself.  He comes here religiously, once a week; always on a Friday, always during his lunch hour. 

At last he finds an unfamiliar face.  Artie stops in front of her booth.  She is wearing a plaid skirt and a white button down shirt that is tied above her midrift.  Her hair is tied in pigtails.  She looks young in a way that makes him uncomfortable; young in a way that excites him.  There is a tattoo, just below her belly button.  It reads: “Viellir est une crime.”  It looks like French to Artie, although Artie doesn’t know how to read French.
“Do you want a show?” she asks.
Too shy to speak, he simply nods and enters the booth.  It smells of semen and body odor.  He places a couple of tokens in the slot and the curtain rises.  The girl stands behind a plexiglass window.
“What’s your name?” she asks.
“I like that name,” she says.  “It sounds distinguished.”
Artie doesn’t ask her name.  He stares at her greedily.
“So you want to see my pussy?” she asks.
Artie nods.
“You have to tip me first.”
Artie slides a twenty dollar bill through the tip slot.  The girl frowns.  Artie gives her another twenty.  She still looks disappointed but turns and slips her hands beneath her skirt, bending slightly as she pulls down her panties.  Her skirt lifts a bit as she bends over, giving Artie a peek at her round little ass.  Artie gasps.  He unzips his fly and works his cock free.  He is already erect.
The girl turns to face him, feigning surprise.
“Aren’t you an anxious boy!  Let me see your big cock.”
Artie moves closer to the glass.  He begins to jerk off.  
“So big!” she says.
Artie isn’t big.   As he masturbates, his tiny penis pokes out of his chubby fist like a sad little turtle peeking out of its shell.  But it doesn’t matter to Artie, because she is looking at him.
“Would you like to see my pussy?”
Artie grunts as he jerks his cock.  The girls slowly pulls up her skirt, revealing her pussy.  She is shaven, her skin a pinkish hue.  
“Perfect” moans Artie.
To him, the words tattooed above her pussy are like a crown of thorns and Artie is staring into the face of God.   
She looks at him and smiles.
“Come for me, Arthur.”
It’s over in seconds. 

Artie zips up his fly as the curtain drops down over the plexiglass window.  When he opens the door to the booth, she is already standing in the corridor, looking for her next customer.  She flashes a smile as he walks away. He stops and looks at her for a moment.
“What does your tattoo mean?” he asks.
“Growing old is a crime.”

© 2014 gibson grand

Follow the links to read the prompt responses from Daisy Danger, Jack Stratton, and Guy New York ! 

Dirty Help

We need your help. We need it badly.

You see, there are only so many dirty things we can think up on our own. We want our upcoming reading to have more. We want it to be the dirtiest. That’s why we need you.

So please send us something to write about! We want prompts, dirty words, scenarios, scene ideas, dirty pictures, songs, whatever. Send us something and we will pick a few of these prompts to write about and read what we come up with at the September 7th Dirty Boys Reading.

You can post your words, pictures, etc, on twitter, tumblr, or instagram with the hashtag #dirtyprompts or email them to me at

We are depending on your depravity.

Jack Stratton, on behalf of the Dirty Boys


Things I’d like to have happen at the next Dirty Boys Reading, this September 7th:
- To critically engage with the audience about our work
- To get some fun/bawdy/dirty writing prompts
- To have people flash their tits like it’s a White Snake concert in 1988

A list of places I’d like to see you naked


I started a list of all the places I’d like to see you naked:

1. standing at the open refrigerator with your head tilted to one side,
your auburn hair dangling over your breasts;
2. rising out of the tub, your skin glistening and pink from the steam;
3. sitting on the toilet, peeing, as you tell me about your day;
4. leaning over the balcony of our hotel room,
your ass blooming in the sun; and
5. hovering over me, your lips just beyond the reach of my tongue—
your hot breath on my cheek a taunting reminder that your body is a gift,
bestowed at your leisure.

This list is incomplete.

(c) 2014 gibson grand

cherrylipsandstones asked:

Please, please tell us that you'll soon be posting a podcast of your latest readings. We're barely able to contain ourselves in anticipation!

We will! It was a great event in the new space, and while we had a scheduling issue that cut it a little short, I think we put on a good show.

Tom played the Piano, Timmy played the guitar, I read Brorotica, Jack read about the worst thing that’s ever happened to his penis, and Gibson brought us from tears to laughter pretty quickly. Marissa had the gorgeous audience in the palm of her hand. 

I’ll post it as soon as it’s up!

And thank you for asking!


The First Snow of May



(photo by Amanda Grieshop) (embiggen—it’s worth it!)

Jake walks into the men’s room in Port Authority. It’s still only May but unseasonably humid; the air is thick with piss and shit and body odor. The room is mostly deserted, with the exception of two guys jerking off at the urinals. A…